Krazy Flats

Terlingua, Texas


Safety at Rancho CASI de los Chisos

Terlingua during the cookoff.

Terlingua during the cookoff. Cooks and the main stage is to the left, and the right side of the picture is Krazy Flats.

We want you to have fun when you are visiting us at Rancho CASI de los Chisos. But you are going to be in the middle of the Texas desert, where weather is unpredictable, and old mine shafts exist. And rain (yes, rain in the desert) has washed out roads and added to the hazards this year. CASI expects you to observe the following:

We are proud of Rancho CASI, and make every effort to keep it in its natural state. All who enter Rancho CASI should be aware that these premises are inherently dangerous, and should exercise extreme caution in the pursuit of any and all activities. There are numberous gulleys, ravines, draws, and other similarly dangerous natural terrain which can be difficult to traverse and accidents are possible.

Camping in the creek beds is strictly prohibited, as the water can rise rapidly and with no warning.

All vehicles and ATV's must stay on marked roads (not trails) at all times and travel speed shall not exceed ten (10) mph. Anyone found traveling on trails, blocked trails, or blocked roads will be subject to confiscation of their vehicle and/or eviction from the property.

Please dispose of your litter in the containers provided. If you bring large items on site with you, you must remove them when you leave. Rancho CASI is not a landfill site!

The owner of Rancho CASI de los Chisos does not assume any responsibility or incur liability for injury to any individual or property caused by any act of any person who enters the property by invitation, permission, trespass, or otherwise.