Krazy Flats

Terlingua, Texas


Glad you're back. We've got a few more pictures from the chili cookoff. And we've added some pictures from the general area. Yes, there is more to do in Terlingua than just attend a chili cookoff. After all, you are located between Big Bend National Park, and the Big Bend State Park. Big Bend National Park is one of the largest national parks, and also one of the least visited. You're near the Lajitas resort, and right on FM170 (el Camino del Rio), the river road. This is the road they said couldn't be built.

A Tee Pee and other tents in the camping area

Not everybody brings their motorhome or trailer. Some bring a tee pee and others bring more conventional tents.

Patio of the new Krazy Flats Saloon in 2005.

In 2005, we built a new saloon in Krazy Flats which offers a spot in the shade to enjoy your beverage of choice.

Aerial picture of Rancho Casi de Los Chisos

Aerial Photo of Rancho Casi de Los Chisos during the cookoff. The cooks are in front of the stage (red roofs at lower left). The true krazy flats area is at the top right of the picture.

Clay Henry,the goat, is the mayor of Lajitas.

A few miles west of TICC is the Lajitas Resort, where Clay Henry(the beer-drinking goat) used to be the mayor of Lajitas. Here a chili cook is attempting to bribe the mayor. Kind of makes us wonder about the mayor of krazy flats.

The Lost Mine Trail in Big Bend National Park

Inside Big Bend National Park (just east of Terlingua) you can hike the Lost Mine Trail up into the Basin.

Large initials DOM inscribed in a rock

At the top of Big Hill, west of Lajitas, on the river road, you can find this rock. Kevin Kostner placed the DOM here, to mark the place where he buried a bottle of Dom Perignon in the movie "Fandango".

The Rio Grande River below Big Hill is the mexican border

Looking down from the DOM, you can see the Rio Grande River, with Mexico on the right, and the United States on the left.

Well, that's all the pictures that will fit on this page. Be sure to come visit us this year, and take your own pictures.