Krazy Flats

Terlingua, Texas


Krazy Flats is both a place, and a state of mind. Pictures can capture the place and its environment, but they cannot capture the state of mind.

Please drop a line to the webmaster if you have pictures which help capture either the place or the state of mind. Submit an image to this gallery.

Terlingua during the cookoff.

Terlingua during the cookoff. Cooks are under the awnings in the foreground. Behind them is the cooks area, and out in the distance is Krazy Flats.

The Staff shows off the new limited edition Krazy Flats tee shirt

Each year there is a different limited edition tee shirt available at the Krazy Flats concession stand. Here the staff shows off the 2004 shirt.

Two deputies are on hand to help keep the crowd from hurting themselves.

These deputies are on hand to make sure the crowd has enough fun. They also make sure the crowd doesn't have too much fun.

 Four stalwarts meeting at the Krazy Flats Saloon for cocktails.

The judges tried to pick the winner of the most elegant chapeau.

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Pictures througout this website have been supplied by Donn Shands, Ken Rodd, and Jason Ezell.