Krazy Flats

Terlingua, Texas


Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Where is the cookoff?  See the description of Terlingua.

2. Where can I stay for the cookoff?--  Dry camping at the CASI cookoff site is available on a first-come basis.  Several RV parks are in the Study Butte/Terlingua area with varying levels of facilities.

Several motels are also in the area, but the supply of rooms is tight on TICC weekend..  Most cookoff participants make their reservations for next year's motel room as they are leaving this year's cookoff.  Rooms for which no deposit has been made are made available on October 1 each year. Contact for reference to motels.

3. What facilities are at Rancho Casi for campers?--  Port-a-potties are available from Wednesday to Sunday morning.  Arrangements can be made directly with the sanitation company if you need to be pumped out.  Water can be obtained on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon if you bring a jug to the Study Butte water company located behind the ghost town.  Ice is available at CASI's main concession stand and the Krazy Flats Saloon.  Garbage placed in bags will be picked up daily Wednesday through Sunday morning.  All items you bring on your site must be removed and taken with you when you leave.

4.  What are the rules for camping at Terlingua? -- We want everyone to have a good time and enjoy a safe and (slightly) insane event. Camping in Krazy Flats is on a first come basis, and reserving sites is discouraged. Be courteous to your neighbors when you run your generator. Click on this link to see other Safety Rules

5.  What is the schedule of events?
The complete schedule of events is found at the TICC Schedule of Events.

6.  What about food and drink? -- There will be food vendors at the CASI Site starting on Wednesday.  The consession stands will sell cold beer.  Bring an empty cooler if you want to get warm beer at case prices and buy ice to cool it.  Also there are local restaurants in Terlingua Ghost Town and in Study Butte. Basic groceries are available in Study Butte.

7.  What if I have a medical emergency?  -- The local Terlingua EMS is on site during the event.  They can treat minor situations, and others are taken to the hospital in Alpine or Midland/Odessa.

8.  Is there security on Site? -- Yes, we have on site police security.  They are on duty 24 hours and can be reached by going to the Main Concession Stand, or the Krazy Flats Saloon (during hours of operation).  They are located at  "City Hall" located at the road going into the main cooking and stage area.

9.  Are DPS officers at Terlingua? -- Yes. Any gathering of people the size of this cookoff has some extra DPS officers assigned to it. They patrol the public highways, looking primarily for driving offenses. To avoid meeting them, camp on the cookoff grounds, or have a designated driver. This is not the place to practice drinking and driving. You could get a free 80 mile trip to Alpine, whether you want to go there or not.

10.  I've heard that DPS makes an extra effort to give sobriety tests during the cookoff. -- It's probably true. Here are some minimal infractions which can lead to a field sobriety test: speeding (watch it when going downhill -- even 1 mph over the limit); weaving (don't touch the center line or the side line with your wheels); lights (Texas law requires two working lights over your rear license plate); tags (Texas law requires an unobstructed license plate. No license plate holders allowed); road construction areas (It's predictable that speed limits will be reduced where construction is being done).

11.  I've heard that the chili cookoff is pretty far out in the boonies. Can I communicate with the outside world from there? -- Yes, There is usually a pay phone located near the main pavillion. A couple of years ago, a cell phone tower was installed on Rancho Casi de los Chisos. The tower provides a digital signal for GSM and CDMA phones (all carriers). Wi-Fi has been available for the past several years by special arrangement.

12.  Can I participate in any of the activities? Yes -- The beans, hot wings, and salsa competitions are open to anyone who pays the entry fee. (Proceeds go to the scholarship fund). We usually need volunteers to sign up and judge these contests. On Saturday, most of the judges have been doing this for years, but occasionally, there is an opening for a new judge on the first round of judging. Check at sign-up time.